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Welcome to the Uncrowned Kings home page (www.uncrowned-kings.co.uk).


If you are visiting to look for the missing games of Nimzowitsch click on 'Files' on the left. The links to missing tournament games and missing match games are there.

Important Announcement: A new edition of The Blockade / Die Blockade by Aron Nimzowitsch has been published by Hardinge Simpole.

Click on the book cover image to order your copy.


These chess pages are partly dedicated to a select group of players who were not granted the opportunity, for various reasons, to play a match for the world title. I stress partly because the genuine Uncrowned Kings are Akiba Rubinstein and Aron Nimzowitsch. The games of my other chess heros can be found here.

Games collections in ChessBase archive format and PGN format are available for downloading. Simply click the 'Files' button on the left. The games of these players are currently available: Victor Korchnoi, Bent Larsen, Paul Keres, Aron Nimzowitsch, Akiba Rubinstein.

A supplementary Hypermoderns page contains the games of Saviely Tartakower, Richard Réti, Ernst Grünfeld and Gyula Breyer.

A British Champions page is currently under contruction. At present it contains games collections of Howard Staunton, Henry Atkins, Frederick Yates, Sir George Thomas, Mir Sultan Khan, William Winter, C.H.O'D Alexander, Doctor Stefan Fazekas. Later this year a collection of Raymond Keene's games will be available. Follow this link for the British Champions list.

Visit the new Riga gallery!

Many of the files are incomplete but new material will be added occasionally until the definitive collections have been constructed.

If you don't have ChessBase then go to my Links page and download 'ChessBase Light' from the downloads page at the ChessBase website.

Please bookmark this site and return regularly to check the Update History page. It provides a brief note of which databases have been modified. More games and annotations are added from time to time. Any helpful suggestions and comments are very welcome as are any unknown games!

If you would like to see a list of chess world champions and challengers follow this link: Official World Champions.

Acknowledgements: Villy Isaksen for the inspiration. Our collaboration resulted in finding a source for the games of Bent Larsen from Gijon 1956.

Rob Weir for his database manipulation software, which was very useful in the early days.

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